Do It Yourself Personal Finance
is the Best Strategy to
Achieve Financial Peace

This site will accompany you in your journey to take control of your personal finances. Reliance on others is a huge financial mistake.Take up the cudgels now and avoid financial pitfalls:

  • Growing old without money. Retiring solely on social security is a risk. Learn how to invest.
  • Dying without leaving money to your family! You need to learn how to get proper protection.
  • Getting sick without money. A major illness may force you to sell your properties. Learn where to get long term healthcare.
  • Staying on a job you hate. Start planning for your financial independence and  retirement the moment you land your first job.

Why Do It Yourself?

1. Finding reliable and credible financial  advisors is a daunting task.

.2. No one has the best interest for you and your family except you.

3. It is a necessary route in your journey to financial independence.

4. It is empowering to become your own financial expert.

5. You bypass middlemen/brokers when you buy financial products.

6. You save the money otherwise paid for financial consulting services.

7. You become your own boss if you eventually pursue it as a business.

When you give DIY personal finance journey your best shot,  you will appreciate, learn and implement the building blocks to  building a solid financial foundation:

1.  How to increase your cash flow

2. How to manage and eliminate debt

3. How to build an emergency fund

4. How to get proper protection

5. How to invest and grow your money

6. How to manage and preserve your wealth

If you are in your 30's or 40's, time is still your best friend. The earlier you start implementing the recommended financial strategies, the easier for you achieve your financial goals.

If you are in your 50's, don't despair. I started in my 50's. It did not deter me from pursuing the right financial path.

How to get started

1. Change your money mindset

2. Increase your financial IQ

3. Get trained by attending free wealth academy seminars

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