Get Financial Planning Advice by Taking the Financial Strategy Survey

A sound financial planning advice needs some basis. As a starting point, one can take the Finance 101 Survey as a sort of self financial diagnosis. The survey can give indications on the level of financial education you need to come up with your own financial strategy.  

While we go to a doctor for a physical check-up and get diagnosis of our health conditions, very few consult a practitioner for financial diagnosis. Unlike your physical health problems, financial health problems can be self-diagnosed if there is self awareness and determination to take better personal control of your financial well being.

There are many tools which can be used for financial diagnosis. These tools may seem technical at the outset, but once you get started, you’ll be able to get the hang of it in due time.

With economic downturns and global economic crisis, many have found themselves laid off from jobs and drowned in debt. The resulting money anxieties need not immobilize us.

Take action. Get sound financial planning advice and put our financial house in order. 

If you are experiencing money problems, it’s time take take actions towards achieving financial stability and peace of mind. 

As a starting point for a self financial diagnosis, take the personal finance strategy survey below.

The survey is intended to get a benchmark of your current situation and assess your readiness to take charge of your future.

If you answer Yes most of the  questions, do not despair. There is more time and more avenues to learn. Fortunately,  the team at International Marketing Group (IMG)  is building a new industry to provide financial solutions to keep pace with, it not outpace, the fast changing world.  I am part of a team with a mission to help families reach their financial goals. 

Some questions gauges your level of awareness and understanding of important financial concepts which has a bearing on the type of financial planning advice which suits your situation. The last question assesses your readiness to take positive steps to improve your current financial situation.

Answer the questions as candidly as you can. Your responses and personal information are kept strictly confidential.

Finance 101: Personal Finance Strategy Survey

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