Get Free Financial Education to Become Your Own Financial Advisor

Free financial education is readily accessible with technology advancement. Free however, does not necessarily equate to quality. Becoming your own financial advisor needs adequate financial education.  With IMG's Wealth Academy seminars.  you can attend basic financial management seminars for free.

Aside from providing free financial education on practical money management and investing basics, IMG offers the following opportunities and advantages:

Higher series financial management seminars.

These are conducted on a regular basis in various venues where there are IMG offices.

Financial education is a very important preparation to become a financial advisor and eventually achieve a secure financial future. I often wonder why financial education is not taught in schools. Otherwise, we could have been good managers of our finances. Free financial education is one of the mission of IMG.

Wealth Academy seminars provided at IMG offices is an opportunity that we should not forego. These seminars are given for free. Some institutions and service providers charge a substantial amount for the same seminar modules.

IMG has offices in Iligan, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Cebu and Makati. If you live near these cities, you should not miss the chance. The things you will learn from the seminars will more than compensate the cost of your travel to the seminar venue.

The most common responses when inviting friends and colleagues to the Wealth Academy seminars is the lack of time. Seminars are held every weekend and people are usually occupied during weekends to make up for lost time in household chores and for some in outings and getaways.

If financial security and financial independence is your priority, then time is not lost when you attend Wealth Academy trainings.

Affordable start up investment.

Any business of whatever form needs start up capital. When you wish to become a financial advisor even for your own personal purpose, you need support. The support comes from training, mentoring, coaching and administrative services. You also need a license to become an advisor or broker for products you need to purchase for your own financial needs. Thus, you need to shell out an amount to pay for these services.

A one time registration fee of PhP3,700.00 would not be too much considering the benefits you will gain when you become a broker. First and foremost opportunity is access to various financial products of companies affiliated with IMG. The amount is equivalent to giving up only PHp 124 per day for 30 days, on some of your wants or things that you can do without. The joining fee is peanuts compared to  its continuing free financial education program.

Coaching and Mentoring with IMG Team Members.

A regular attendance to seminars and showing up to office even if you are still not full time, will build camaraderie and strengthen teamwork. It will also be an opportunity to share and resolve issues and concerns relative to your IMG business.

Opportunity to Get Associate Financial Planner (AFP) Accreditation

As licensed IMG broker, you are privileged to participate in special trainings and examinations to become an accredited Associate Financial Planner with Registered Financial Planner (RFP) Institute of the Philippines. Regular accreditation process is more expensive and takes a longer time. I got my AFP accreditation in January 2012.

Looking forward to your decision to get free financial education and become financially literate. Contact me using the form below for details.

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