Build a Website Using Site Build It Tools: A Website Building Guide for Beginners

To build a website using SBI tools is a challenging but exciting journey. 

I had my own blogs before.  A website is different from a blog. If you plan to set up an online business build a website, not a blog.

When I discovered SBI, I got hooked. It has all things you need for website building, all in one place . The platform is easy to use even for beginners. It seems confusing at first, but if you are determined and persistent, you will eventually get the hang of it. The action guides are both in text and video.

Why build a website in the first place? Here are my compelling reasons why I   should build a website by myself. These may also appeal to you:

  1. It can help establish credibility and professionalism.
  2. You can do busine
  3. A website is a foundation for long term success; a tool for business sustainability
  4. ss in many ways. It can provide diverse sources of revenue through SBI's monetization model.
  5. It is an online real estate. It is the place of your business. You own the land (domain) and the site (building)
  6. It provides opportunity for self growth and development as online business is a growing business endeavor.
  7. It offers a big market: The world is your market
  8. It can be used as advocacy/instrument for implementing corporate social responsibility

This website,  is my 3rd attempt at making my own website. If you decide to build your own website, I give the following tips so don't have to take the longer route as I did:

Plan your site concept

Have a big picture  of  why you are building a website. Begin with the end in mind. According to  motivational author Stephen Covey, everything is created twice. The first creation is the plan while the second creation is execution or implementation of the plan. In my excitement to get started, I went straight to execution without a plan. Before you start to build a website using SBI, already have a clear picture of your site concept. 

Brainstorm your niche topic. 

I found it difficult to settle on a niche, or a specific topic. I'm jack of all trades but master of none, so to speak. Brainstorm your topics before you even build the first article of your site.

Choose the "best" domain name

Since I created a site in haste, I ended up with a domain name which I was not happy with later on.  The SBI forum on the topic of choosing the best domain name is a good resource to follow before deciding to register a domain name.

Patiently follow SBI Action Guide.

Do not rush and resort to short cuts. Site Build It action guide is given in chunks according to proven effective steps. If you cut curves and don't follow the Action Guide, it will take a longer time to proceed to the next step. You also need to unlearn the things you accumulate in your earlier site building experience. SBI is a different breed.

Be patient.

Set aside a definite schedule to focus on your site. Don't give up too soon. You will not see results in months especially if you have limited time. In my case, I was constrained with my daytime job. To build an effective website needs focus.

Just do it. 

Have the perfectionist in you under control. I have had reservations of publishing my articles. I painstakingly edit and reedit my articles until I ended up not uploading them. Learn from Nike: Just do it!

Write what the audience are looking for first, what you love second.

After you have written something refer to you Master Keyword List to see choose the right keywords.start right, don't follow these mistakes.

Start right. Have a tour with Solo Build It and then make a plan of how to build a website.

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