Be Your Own Boss: Get Started with a Career in the Financial Distribution Industry

To be your own boss is easier said than done.  What automatically comes to mind when we want to become our own boss is to put up our own business. But setting up a business is not for the fainthearted.

I have since longed to become my own own boss but I cannot think of a "stress-free" business idea, until I stumbled upon a business model in the financial distribution industry. I learned a lot from attending the free Wealth Academy seminars of  International Marketing Group which were instrumental in changing my financial strategies and at the same time opened up the opportunity of becoming part of a business of providing financial education to Filipino families. 

Now my desire to be my own boss is made much easier by becoming part of IMG, growing financial distribution company,  You can be your own boss too by following the route I took. 

The first step is to learn the basics of managing your finances and the steps to a solid financial foundation. You can initially get them from this site but then attending Wealth Academy seminars has many plus factors.  Visit img wealth academy's website for locations and schedules of seminars.

Series 1: Practical Money Management Strategies

  • The X-Curve Concept: The Blueprint of Financial Planning
  • The Six (6) Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How Money Works
  • How to Build a Solid Financial Foundation
  • How to Create Millions with P1,000/month investment

After which, get a license to become a broker dealer with only a minimal investment requirement.

Just like any other business, you get licenses to operate and shell out money for investment and working capital. But here at IMG, your license and accreditation costs you only PhP3,700.00 which also include a training kit. 

Be your own boss in the business of providing total financial solution. Total financial solution looks at personal finance in a holistic manner. Personal finance consists of six components:

  • cash management,
  • risk management,
  • investing,
  • retirement planning,
  • tax planning. and
  • estate planning.

International Marketing Group or IMG helps people on the following areas: investment, insurance, health care and estate planning. These are financial solutions which you can apply on your own being your own financial advisor and your own boss as you start your career in the financial industry.

The first step to be your own boss is to become you own financial advisor. After learning basic financial education from Series 1 and 2 of  the Wealth Academy seminars, you are qualified to get a license to become a broker-dealer of financial products with International Marketing Group (IMG). 

As an affiliate of IMG, you can become a broker of many products to include

  • health insurance
  • long term healthcare plan
  • life insurance, investment
  • real estate
  • mutual fund
  • allied financial services

IMG is an independent marketing company dedicated to serving the financial needs of individuals and families from all walks of life. It is one of the fastest growing financial distribution companies with offices in the US, Canada, Taiwan, Hongkong, and the Philippines. Visit for other company information. 

But before you can sell any of these products, you need to practice what you preach.

You need to own a product and the basic product required is a long term health care plan from Kaiser. This is consistent with IMG’s steps to financial security which puts healthcare as its foundation. 

Attend free Wealth Academy seminars now and you will gain insights of the exciting opportunities in the financial services available through IMG. The company gives you the opportunity to represent not one, by many financial companies to the consumer. IMG is a mentoring business model in which the company's top field leaders share their knowledge and experience with other associates. It offers a competitive commission structure and an environment where hard work and determination earns rewards.

You can truly be your own boss at International Marketing Group. Being your own boss at IMG you are in the business for yourself but not by yourself. As a IMG associate you will receive-

  • continuing financial education
  • business development support
  • training tools and marketing materials designed to take you and your business to the next level.

Become part of the financial industry and become financially independent: You'll earn while making a difference in the lives of others.

There are no secrets to be your own boss and in the process become financially independent. But the journey towards this end requires hard work, discipline and determination, a vision, a team and a system.

What's your biggest aspiration?

  • Own a business?
  • Retire early?
  • Travel abroad?
  • Or simply provide better life for your family?

Think of the one goal you've been striving for. You've probably had your reasons for procrastinating, but you no longer have to wait for your shot at success.

Start your journey to financial security and financial independence by learning money basics for free. Attend Wealth Academy Seminars at various cities in the Philippines and in selected countries around the world. 

Take advantage of the three opportunities at IMG.

  1. Free financial education. Business schools charge expensive  seminar fees.  I have seen ads offering the same content IMG offers for a registration fee.  At IMG it is given free.
  2. Direct access to financial industry. Your learn the trade by applying them in your own  and family's financial needs.
  3. Entrepreneurship. You will earn commissions by just helping others apply what you practice.

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