HealthCare Insurance in a Three in One Financial Product

Healthcare insurance for most people, is taken for granted for these reasons:

  1. they don't see the need for it since they are healthy
  2. they already have a government managed health insurance which more often than not has a very limited coverage, and
  3. the product is too expensive for them that they are not motivated to stash some amount of  money for the purpose.

 I used to think this way, but when when financial IQ was moved several notches higher, I came to realize that "Health is Wealth" is true enough. It is not about keeping a healthy lifestyle but also equally important is preparing for health needs during retirement years.

I was attracted by a product which cater to three financial solution which is the best protection one can get. This is available at Kaiser Health Group International, Inc. It takes care of three aspects of a person's financial needs:long term health care, insurance and investment, through its Premium Health Builder long term health care plan. It is basically a  healthcare insurance with built in investment package.

A complete financial plan should be able to address two basic questions. The first question is, “What if I die too soon, who will take care of my family?” The financial solution to this concern is life insurance.

The second question is, “ What if I live too long, who will take care of me?” The financial solution to this question is investment and long term care. A total financial plan therefore provides for three financial solutions to major financial needs:

  • income protection/life insurance
  • investment
  • healthcare

Life insurance is instant money. If you die too soon, life insurance can help replace your income to finance your children’s education, pay estate tax, and pay debts and other needs, instantly. Life insurance therefore should not be treated as an expense but an investment on peace of mind.

Investment on the other hand, generates continuing income for you when you retire. When you invest now, it becomes money working for you until you die.

Healthcare insurance provides health protection when you retire or when you stop working. Your healthcare takes care of you when you get old and free your family and relatives of financial strain. How comfortable is your health care situation after retirement depends on a decision you make today.

Kaiser Premium Health Builder is the best healthcare insurance and healthcare plan, so far.  It is a unique product of Kaiser International Health Group, Inc. one of the leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in the Philippines. It is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 8, 2004 as health care provider, more than an HMO. It was granted clearance to operate on July 24, 2004 by the Department of Health-Bureau of Health Facilities and Services. Kaiser’s authorized capital stock is P160 million.

Eligible to apply for the Premium Health Builder are 10 to 60 years old. There are different plans to choose from depending on your choice of annual benefit limit. Here are the key features of Kaiser's product catering to three financial solutions in just a policy.

  • Accumulation or paying period of five (5) years
  • Contract price of the selected plan can be paid in any of the following modes: monthly, quarterly semi-annual, annual and spot cash
  • Annual policy of PhP500.00 to cover administrative cost
  • Health care benefits during accumulation period:
  1. Annual Physical Examination which include chest x-ray, urine analysis, stool analysis, complete blood count and electrocardiogram for members 35 years old and above,
  2. Dental benefits which include unlimited dental check up, dental prophylaxis (mild cases only) once a year, unlimited simple extraction and one per year temporary filling,
  3. Basic medical benefits which include room and board at daily rate based on selected plan, services of accredited Physician/specialist/surgeon/anaesthesiologist, hospital’s Intensive Care Unit and operating room fee
  • Waiver of installment due to death
  • Waiver of installment due to disability
  • Annual Health Benefit of 10% of long term care benefit for 10 years starting at the end of the 5th year up to the end of the 15th year (extended period)
  • Unused Annual Health Benefit will accumulate and earn interest at prevailing market rates but in no case less than 7% per annum. The accumulated amount is termed as Total Annual Health Benefit.
  • Member will get a long term care bonus if he/she has no claim during the accumulation period. The bonus is approximately 75% of the contract price. This is another value-added feature in addition to its three financial solutions in one package.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered during the Accumulation Period.
  • Philhealth covered expenses are deducted first before Kaiser.

The International Marketing Group (IMG) is the sole broker of Kaiser. Once you are member of IMG, you are licensed to sell Kaiser products. Kaiser brochures are included in the kit when you register. Visit Kaiser's website to know more about its long term healthcare insurance in one product or contact me for application forms and other details. 

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