My mission: Why I joined the financial industry

Financial planning is new to many people, the Filipinos most especially.  Personal finance is not even taught in schools. Financial planning is important not only for the wealthy but even for average income earners which many take for granted. Thus, many end up miserable during retirement.  In view of the great need for financial education, I have decided to start a career shift, from a development planner to a financial planner and  advisor. While I spent most of my working years planning for the development of communities, I just realized that I have not planned for my own future particularly in the financial arena. And I have an ally with International Marketing Group in pursuing a challenging but exciting career in the financial industry.  Writing for this website is a learning process. I put in writing what I have learned and practiced.

These are my 10 compelling reasons why I want to shift career and  become an active player in the financial industry. I want to-

  • Help my siblings who are financially struggling and need to increase their financial literacy;
  • Guide others prepare financial plans using the tools I’ve learned as Associate Financial Planner;   
  • Advocate shift in paradigms for the youth and young adults, from an employee mindset to that of an entrepreneur; 
  • Leave a legacy to my children; a business they can carry on; 
  • Educate youth and young adults on the importance of building a solid financial foundation; 
  • Continue doing things of value to others even during retirement life; 
  • Have something to do during retirement and at the same time augment my retirement income; 
  • Demonstrate that one can still make significant contributions to society even during retirement; 
  • Encourage others to do their homework and become their own financial planner and financial advisor; and 
  • Earn more and be able to contribute more for God’s work. 

Pursuing a career in personal finance is made easier with my academic background in economics.   Three decades of experience in development planning also helped a lot. I am now my own financial advisor and would like to excitedly share my new found knowledge to a wider audience through this website. I am lucky to have found Solo Build It to guide me through the whole process of website creation. Other than being a financial planner and advisor, Solo Build It is a key component of my business model to achieve financial independence.

If you want to make sure that I am a person you can trust, visit my accounts at Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also google my name and it will return some information (I am sure
Brigida Saclot Tangonan has no namesake! lol). 

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