The IMG Business Model: How to Implement the Formula of Successful Builders

The IMG business model is a step to your journey to financial independence. Read through this article to see if the model is for you.

International Marketing Group (IMG) is a financial distribution company but an entirely different breed of company. It focuses on teaching people how to build a solid financial foundation. Selling a financial product such as insurance is just as an offshoot and application of solutions after a thorough financial diagnosis.

It's approach to financial education is beyond increasing financial knowledge. Its mission is to change the money mindset of Filipinos and be able start their journey to financial independence. The IMG business model is facilitated through its Wealth Academy program.

I strongly believe that the IMG Business Model is a path to financial independence. IMG is in the business of helping people make sound financial decisions which will also eventually lead them to their own path to financial independence.

IMG's system is characterized by the basic elements of a true business: 

  • It doesn't make money recruiting people
  • You need not recruit to make money
  • There are no quotas
  • You decide how to build your business

Attending big events of IMG is a great motivator. Hearing success stories of people from ordinary walks of life is invigorating. Here is summary list of what I picked up from lates convention I attended. I put them down here not only to share to others but also to serve as my own guidepost in building my IMG business when I go full time:

  1. Do interviews. This is about building relationships.
  2. Be at people's homes.
  3. Do prospect list; and more prospect list.
  4. Have results in the first 7 days.
  5. Drop by. Stop by. Use the survey card. Make contact.
  6. Engage in constant communication; daily communication
  7. Match up, monitor, motivate.

Other Tips:

  1. Be able to identify "casualties". Not all prospects are created equal. A true leader should be able to identify casualties.
  2. A department store (e.g. SM) analogy of your IMG Business: At SM, some will buy, some won't (magpapalamig lang sa mall). So what! The owner doesn't care!
  3. At IMG: An activity a day keeps poverty away.
  4. You don't have to sell a product. Sell a dream!
  5. The best time to build wealth is when you're single.

Have a detailed view of the  IMG business model and see how you can pursue it as your own business or visit the IMG website for more information.

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