Top 10 SiteBuildIt Tools for Website Building

SiteBuildIt Tools  makes website building an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  It can be considered as a one stop shop for creating a website for an online business.

Building a profitable online business with a website requires a lot of tools, processes and skills. Unlike other platforms, SiteBuildIt has the tools and features that take care of everything you need to make a money-making website.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a web savvy, SBI! is relevant to whatever online business you are planning to set up.

I have tried other platforms until I finally decided to use SiteBuildIt tools. It has all the ingredients all in one place, allowing you to focus and optimize your time for content building. From my personal journey, here are the top ten powerful SiteBuildIt tools I love most.

Keyword Research.

Naming a site is not just a matter of using some "cute" words you like. The word or words to be used as name and title of a website, which in web parlance is called keywords, has be well-researched as to its profitability.

SBI emphasized that keywords would make or break your web business. It is a meticulous task just like the offlline market research that most are familiar with. But SBI! has a keyword research tool called Brainstorm It! which facilitated keyword research on my topic.

Niche Selection.

Niche selection is a relatively difficult decision-making task. It's a balancing act. I had to choose between profitability and capability to cover a topic. But at least the guesswork is tremendously reduced with the master list of keywords generated from the brainstorming process with Brainstorm It! I have tried other tools but so far Brainstorm It! is superior.

Domain Name Registration.

It took me weeks to finally decide on the domain name and have it registered. With SBI, I didn't have to use other domain registrant to register my domain name. My search for domain availability was likewise facilitated with the use Search It! tool.

Site Concept/Structure.

An integral part of SiteBuildIt tools is a guide to content structure or framework for organizing and creating content was powerful. As far as my experience goes, this feature is not found in other platforms.

There are lot of resources on this topic found within SBI such as e-books, articles and forum posts. From these resources, I was able to get insights on how to delineate and differentiate Tier 3 from Tier 2 pages.

Site Building.

The actual site building is for me, the most techie part of the entire process. I was fidgety when I started building the first few pages of the site including the home page.

I don't know anything about HTML the language of web designer. I kept on referring to the Action Guide and it helped me a lot. I just followed the steps and presto, I was able to upload my web pages.

On-page Optimization.

Before SBI, I already have ideas what search engine optimization is all about, that it consists of two parts: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. In theory, I understood what on-page optimization is all about. But only when I started building my web pages using the Site Builder tool, did I realize that it's another thing to implement the theory. Now, I have mastered implementing it using the Analyze It! tool. I love using this tool.

Site Submission.

Submission of site to major search engines was new to me. This feature is not available in other products. SBI’s online mentor, the Action Guide provides step by step process on how to submit your site to Google, Yahoo and Bing once you have built your home page. This process is essential for your site to get indexed and generate traffic.

Designing a Favicon.

I’ve noticed that websites of big companies do not have favicons. A favicon (short for favorite icon) seems a minor add-on to your website but it's an important one because it's the logo of your site.

When the URL of your website is typewritten on your browser, your favicon will appear instead of a blank icon. I personally created the favicon of my site using an existing image. I enjoyed exploring the favicon generator software.


Early on, I already have an idea of the products and services I am going to promote in my website. But there a lot more ways to earn income from a website. SiteBuildIt tools provide an  array of monetization options appropriate for your topic.


I love the Library feature of SBI. It is sort of an organizer where images, links, forms and contents are stored and will come in handy when you need it writing your Tiers 2 and 3 pages.

These are just among the many features, tools and advantages of SiteBuildIt tools.  As a business, I need to invest in this website! It is really is worth it.

Here are important tips I can share to would be users of Solo Build It for a more pleasant user experience.

Go slow.

Tortoise it slogan of Solo Build It is true enough. You need to muster patience in going through step outlined in the Action Guide. There are two major mistakes you will commit when tempted to fast track the process: not choosing the best (profitable niche), and choosing the “wrong” domain name. I kept reminding myself, “you can’t build a business overnight, that includes an online business”.

Write/draft articles first before deciding on your domain name.

This will give you an idea if your flow of thoughts in your articles jibe with your prospective domain name. For me, choosing the domain name is the most difficult part. It has to nicely blend with your site concept and the monetization strategies in mind.

Draft home page first before registering domain name

From my personal experience, it helped a lot to picture out the final site structure with a draft home page. A well thought out home page facilitates choosing the most appropriate domain name.

Don’t get stuck by the number game.

Brainstorming for profitable keywords is a tedious process. In the end, you need to be the final judge between profitability and your capacity.

What are the e-businesses you have in mind? You can take a quick tour and see for yourself how Solo Build It tools will work for you.

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