How to Build a Website on Your Passion

Here's how to build a website on your passion using proven website building tools:

  • Determine what are the things you are passionate about. This can be a hobby or special interest wherein you will never run out of stories to tell.
  • Research if there is a market of your hobby or interest in the internet through keyword search. You can initially use free software such as Google adwords but the task is made much easier with the use of Site Build It's keyword search tool-Brainstorm It! It comes with the package when you purchase Site Build It.
  • Make an outline  of what you are  going to write revolving around your passion. Do it as if you are writing a book where you organize your thoughts into chapters or sections. This is your initial blueprint. It is advisable to have this ready before you purchase Solo Build It to reduce article build up.
  • Call experts from Solo Build It to help you get started.

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