Consulting Services at Exponents Development and Consultancy Services

Consulting services have two main tracks. One is performing the service for the client. The other is delivering the service with the client.  Under the former track, the consultant delivers the output without the direct client involvement. The latter involves guiding the client’s concerned personnel  by the hand to deliver an output through coaching and mentoring.

Qualities to look for in a consultant

A consultant should be knowledgeable about the subject he or she is consulting in. He or she should have a track record and proper accreditation.  Consultants should have passion and drive for excellence.  

Vision and Mission

Exponents Development and Consultancy Services is a service firm duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry.  Its vision is to evolve as a socially responsible consulting firm founded on the principles of professionalism and integrity. To achieve its vision, it shall only engage consultants with right competencies and are self motivated.

Range of Services

Anchored on track record and experience, EDCS have the competencies to provide coaching, mentoring and consulting services on the following areas:

  • Local Development Plan Formulation:
  1. Barangay Development Plan
  2. Comprehensive Municipal Development Plan
  3. Ecological Profile
  4. Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  5. Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan
  6. Executive-Legislative Agenda
  • Strategic Plan and Sectoral Plan Formulation

            1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan 

            2. Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan

            3. Financial Management Plan

  • Project Proposal Preparation/Grantmanship or Grant Proposal Writing
  • Annual Accomplishment Reports Preparation
  • Feasibility Studies and Business Plan Preparation

Website Development

Read this article for details on how to avail of consulting services for website development

Financial Planning and Advisory Services

The managing consultant is an accredited Associated Financial Planner by the Registered Financial Planner of the Philippines. She is a trainer at Wealth Academy and a licensed broker of International Marketing Group.

E. Editorial Services

The firm’s editorial services covers plan documents and other technical reports.


1. Certifications and Licensing

    Business Name Registration, Department of Trade and Industry
    Business Permit, Local Government Unit
    Professional Registration, Bureau of Internal Revenue
    Associate Financial Planner Certification, RFP Institute
    Broker’s License, IMG, Securities and Exchange Commission

2. Qualifications

    Certificates of Training
    Documentation on Services Rendered

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