Financial Advisor Skills You Will Gain Through Hands On Experience

It took me a long route to gain financial advisor skills.

I have read books of renowned finance gurus like Robert Kiyosaki, Francisco Colayco and Efren Cruz.

I scoured the net for tips to attain financial independence.

I gathered a lot of information but got overwhelmed along the way.

I attended free Wealth Academy seminars at IMG Iligan City

I got overwhelmed until I did the next best thing. Just do it!

I registered as with International Marketing Group. Paid a joining fee of PhP3,700 for broker's license and training kit.

Then I enrolled in a long term health care plan - Kaiser Premium Health Builder.

I shared the financial strategies I learned along the way and got my kids to join my advocacy.

With coaching, mentoring, further financial training and actual practice, I have gained the following skills as a financial advisor

  • Mastery of the benefit package of Kaiser Premium Health Builder - a three in one product:  long term health care, insurance and investment
  • Financial diagnosis. This is challenging but basic to gaining financial advisor skills first for yourself, then to others
  • Preparation of a personal financial plan
  • Investing in mutual funds
  • Knowledge sharing and advocacy. You should have a trainer mind set to be able to share and advocate. This is one of the basic financial advisor skills.

This site is created as part of my advocacy and passion to share my knowledge and financial advisor skills to a broader and wider audience. Powered by SiteSell, I consider this site, not only as an opportunity to pay it forward, but also as my strategy to have something worthwhile to retire to.

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