How to Make Frugal Living as a Way of Life

Frugal living is not being cheap! I am a staunch advocate of a frugal lifestyle. It is about living better for less. It's a smart way to manage your financial resources. In fact, it is fundamental to cash flow management. 

Frugal living can be a way of life. Teach your children a frugal way of life and they will eventually become good managers of their own finances. 

A frugal lifestyle can be adopted in practically all aspects of day to day living such as:

  • Health care
  • Food 
  • Energy Use
  • Financial Services
  • Travel

General Practical Frugal Living Strategies


  • Keep a healthy lifestyle: healthy diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise, and positive outlook
  • Back to basic: natural environment, water therapy, herbal garden
  • Go generic: Generic drugs have the same efficacy with pioneering brands
  • Have a long term health care plan just in case you live too long


  • Plan meals: Prepare weekly or even monthly menus
  • Cook at home: Eating out is costly
  • Go natural: Plant your own vegetables
  • Go for  fruits and vegetables in season
  • Minimize spoilage:Practice First In, First Out


  • Buy in bulk
  • Have a grocery list on hand to avoid buying on impulse
  • Buy on sale: Stockpile if feasible
  • Switch to generic: Consider substitution of ingredients


  • Pay bills on time: Avoid penalties
  • Buy energy savings appliances
  • Make it a habit to unplug and put off gadgets when not in use
  • Use energy saver gadgets

Financial Services

  • Be financially literate: Become your own financial advisor
  • Pay higher interest debts first
  • Take advantage of "free" money: Optimize employer retirement plans
  • Optimize tax credits


  • Plan your travel: Prepare a budget and save for it.
  • Research and compare prices:flights, hotels, travel agencies
  • Be alert of travel promos
  • Travel light: Put personal necessities such as shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, etc in small containers
  • Don't be picky on food and accommodation

These are just among the ways you can cut down costs of maintaining a household. You can look into other innovative ways of frugal living yet still enjoy life to the fullest.