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Online health insurance quotes under the Kaiser Premium Health Builder can be accessed through Kaiser International Health Group's website. Kaiser Premium Health Builder has two payment options: spot cash and five-year-pay. The five-year-pay is more beneficial to the insured because of the "waiver of premium" feature when something happens to the insured. When you pay on spot cash, the waiver no longer applies.

I got a health care plan for my 21 year old son. I just got the cheapest plan considering that he is still young. He can get another plan on the 6th year should for added protection. Below is a sample of health insurance quotes which vary with issue age:

I. Health Care Benefits During Accumulation/Paying Period

1. Annual Physical Examination (after payment of one year)

  1. Physical examination and medical history taking
  2. Chest x-ray
  3. Routine urinalysis
  4. Stool examination and fecalysis
  5. Complete blood count
  6. Electrocardiogram (for members 35 years old and above)

2. Dental Benefits (after payment of one year)

  1. Unlimited dental check up
  2. Dental prophylaxis (mild cases only) once a year
  3. Unlimited simple tooth extraction
  4. Temporary filling (one per year)

3. Waiver of installment due to death

4. Waiver of installment due to disability

5. Basic medical benefits

  1. Accredited Hospital’s Room & board @ 500/day
  2. Services of accredited Physician
  3. Services of accredited specialist
  4. Services of accredited surgeon
  5. Services of accredited anesthesiologist
  6. Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit
  7. Operating Room Fee
  8. Annual Benefit Limit of 50,000

II. Benefits During Extended Period

  1. Annual Health Benefit: 10% of long term care benefit (10% of 35,000=3,500) for 10 years starting at the end of the 5th year up to the end of the 15th year
  2. Term life from accumulation until the 15th year
  3. Accidental Death & Dismemberment

III. Long Term Care Benefits

  • Total Annual Health Benefit = 61,359
  • Add: Long Term Care Benefit = 35,000
  • Equals: Total Health Benefits = 96,359
  • Add: Long Term Care Bonus If no claim was made during the accumulation period, 70% of all premiums paid will be given back on the 15th year = 80,026
  • Equals: Total Long Term Care Benefit at Maturity = 176,385
  • Long term care benefit at age 60 (with bonus) = 1,737,349
  • Annual Lifetime Health care at age 60 (with bonus) = 173,735
  • Long term care benefit at age 65 (with bonus) = 2,798,019
  • Annual Lifetime health care at age 65 (with bonus) = 279,802

Important Information:

  1. Room and board benefit is covered only for the accumulation period. For the extended period, your choice of room and board budget shall be charged to your Annual Health Benefit/Extended Benefit Balance
  2. Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered during the Accumulation Period.
  3. PhilHealth covered expenses are deducted first before Kaiser.
  4. Lifetime Network Access to over 500 hospitals and over 1,000 doctors as long as you have funds

Definition of pre-existing medical conditions: A disease is considered to be pre-existing if the following cases are present:

  • Such illness or injury was in any way evident to the Member before the Effective Date of the Contract
  • Any professional advice or treatment was obtained prior to the Effective Date of the Contract
  • The illness or injury can be clinically determined to have started prior to the Effective Date of the Contract.
  • Medical conditions disclosed in the application form.

(Note:The company reserves the exclusive right to change, update and revise prices at any given time).

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