Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) in the Philippines with Clearance to Operate

In this list of Health Maintenance Organizations or HMOs,  one is best for you

Finding a reputable health maintenance organization (HMO) should be seriously considered since your future health care is at stake. It can take a longer process but it can be done. Kaiser International HealthGroup, Inc is among the accredited HMOs.

Health Management Organizations (HMO) have mushroomed taking advantage of increasing appreciation on the importance of having a health care protection. A  HMO is a business entity that arranges for pre-paid health care services for their members by contracting with hospitals, physicians and other health professionals for their services.

I've searched over different Philippine government websites such as Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Insurance Commission to find a list of legitimate HMOs in the Philippines. I finally found it from the website of the Bureau of Health Facilities and Services, a bureau under the Department of Health.

The Bureau of Health Facilities and Services of the Department of Health (DOH),
regulates the operation of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) in the
Philippines. As of December 31, 2012 the latest official data available, a total of 22 HMOs  were issued clearance to operate by BHFS through its Licensing and
Accreditation Division.

List of Health Maintenance Organizations in the Philippines with their corresponding websites, when available. Kaiser International HealthGroup, Inc., is on the 13th in the alphabetically ordered list below:

  1. Asalus Corporation 
  2. Asian Care Health Systems, Inc (new)
  3. Avega Managed Care, Inc (new)
  4. Blue Cross HealthCare, Inc  -
  5. Dare Foundation, Inc.
  6. EastWest Business Solutions, Inc.
  7. Fortune Medicare, Inc -
  8. GetWell Health Systems, Inc.
  9. Health Maintenance, Inc -
  10. Health Plan Philippines, Inc
  11. IMS Wellth Care, Inc.
  12. Insular Life Health Care, Inc -
  13. Kaiser International HealthGroup, Inc.-
  14. Maxicare Healthcare Corp -
  15. Medicard Philippines, Inc.-
  16. Medicare Plus, Inc
  17. Medocare Health Systems, Inc -
  18. PhilhealthCare, Inc
  19. St. Patrick's Health Care Systems, Inc.
  20. Time is Gold Health Care Systems, Inc
  21. Value Care Health Systems, Inc. -
  22. Asia Pacific Direct Serve, Inc (new, regional location)

There are other known HMOs but not in the DOH list of health facilities with clearance to operate. Just wondered why. This will be in my next research agenda.

  • Caritas Health Shield, Inc  -
  • Cocolife Health Care -
  • IntelliCare -
  • Prudential Healtcare, Inc -
  • Star Healthcare Systems, Inc -

Exercise due diligence in choosing health maintenance organizations appropriate for your long term health care needs. You may visit the websites provided.

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